Our Board

Meet the Board

Sadie Prior

Chair Person (2019)

Sadie is a committee member of the Kinship for the future North and Scottish Kinship Alliance and has been involved with FASS for many years. Sadie plays an active role in her group and the community.

Anna Doonan

Vice Chair (2019)

Anna was a founding member of GAFSG before it changed to FASS. Anna also plays a vital role in her own group and was a member of the Blackhill FSG.

Marie McMonigle

Treasurer (2004)

Marie is one of the founding members of the Bereavement Group and was involved in starting the FASS Remembrance Quilt. Marie also helps to run a Family Support Group in Govan.

Graham Veale

Director (2016)

Graham works as a Business Intelligence Analyst within Police Scotland and he has a wealth of knowledge in accounts and finance.

Isabel Green

Director (2018)

Isabel is a Committee Member of the TOADS Family Support Group, based in the Southside of Glasgow. Isabel has been involved with FASS for many years and plays an active role in her community.

Jim Hossack

Advisor (2016)

Jim has vast experience in business operations and has most recently worked as a Social Enterprise Advisor.

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