The Quilt

The Quilt was originally started in 1995 by 2 mothers who had lost their sons to drugs and was inspired by a social worker who visited American and seen a blanket made of patches commemorating victims of HIV/AIDS.

Following the local social worker seeing this in America, FASS was approached and asked if we would be interested in a similar project.

The quilt has now grown from a small piece of patchwork to a huge piece of art which is not only beautiful and powerful, but has acted as a healing process to many families.

The quilt hangs permanently at FASS offices at West Street Centre, 123 West Street, Glasgow. G5 8BA. It is displayed in St Alphonsis Church on the night of our yearly Ecumenical Service of Remembrance, held in November. If you would like to view this powerful and unique work or you would like to add a patch please call FASS on 0141 420 2050 or email​.