Lisa's Petition

GRAND is an annual event in Glasgow that brings together a broad range of partners to:

  • Raise awareness and increase knowledge of alcohol and drugs issues and services;
  • Involve communities in tackling alcohol and drugs issues; and
  • Build partnerships and networks between communities, services and organisations.

FASS produced a drama called 'Chap at the Door' as part of our GRAND conference in 2012, this drama looked at how a family can be affected following the loss of a loved one through a drug related death.

As part of our yearly GRAND conference on 5th September 2013, we performed our second drama 'The Aftermath', this drama followed the same fictitious family as were shown in 'Chap at the Door' highlighting issues for families around accessing Naloxone in their own right. There are many reasons for this, such as family member's son or daughter being reluctant to take part in the training or for some, they may not want to let their family know they are using again.

At present Naloxone is classed as a medicine and can only be supplied on prescription to someone at risk of an opiate overdose which is why family members cannot access it directly.

For a family member to access Naloxone Kits they must participate in the naloxone training and even after that they can only get a kit if the service user goes with them to get the kit. Despite this fact families are encouraged to take the training which teaches how to identify and respond to an overdose.

Addiction is complicated, families are complicated, there are no easy answers but after listening to what many of our families had to say, we have set up what we will call 'Lisa's petition'. Lisa, the fictitious daughter who died of an overdose in the first FASS drama "Chap at the Door" could be anyone's family member. We hope this petition, which we will be sending to Westminster, will allow debate of the accessibility of Naloxone for family members and that the authorities at least listen to the voice of the families which all too often go unheard and are often not consulted.

If you feel family member's or significant others should be able to access Naloxone directly and therefore help reduce the shameful number of drug related deaths and would welcome further debate on this, please sign our petition by clicking the link below:

Many thanks!