Our sessions are specifically tailored to your needs and your goals and are strictly confidential.

Whether you need help overcoming a current concern, just want to feel better about yourself or simply want to get motivated to get more out of life, at FASS, we have the Hypnotherapy support systems, tools and techniques to help you take full control.

The Hypnotherapy Service is provided by The Harvest Clinic in partnership with FASS. The Harvest Clinic has been offering the very best in professional hypnotherapy treatment in Glasgow since 1987 and are also the Scottish Training Centre for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.

Just some of the many ways in which our FREE Hypnotherapy Services can help you, are:  

  •  Cope with Life's challenges more adequately.
  •  Stop being a victim of other people's expectations & selfish requirements.
  •  Get rid of unwanted phobia's and habits.
  •  Overcome the stress fear & anxieties that have been limiting your life.
  •  Improve your self image and self-esteem, value yourself as a unique individual.
  •  Achieve more and perform better in all aspects of your life.
  •  Address weight issues and regain your inner confidence.
  •  Improve personal relationships with friends, family and colleagues.


What is Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy means the use of suggestion to help with a problem, by giving suggestions to the unconscious mind whilst the person is in a more relaxed state than normal.


In this relaxed "can't be bothered" state, the mind is more receptive to suggestion, especially the unconscious mind which is more available. The feeling of hypnosis is lovely - just like the feeling you experience first thing in the morning before you get up out of bed - that "I'll do it in a minute" feeling, where you are alert and awake, but resting.


These suggestions help people make positive changes within themselves. Long gone are the days when hypnosis was seen as waving watches and controlling people's minds. In a Hypnotherapy session you are always in control and you are not made to do anything. It is generally accepted that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


Facilitating Experiences


A hypnotist merely helps to facilitate your experience - hypnotherapy is not about being made to do things, in fact it is the opposite, it is about empowerment. If someone tells you they can hypnotize you to do something, ask them to hypnotize you to rob a bank, and when they can't, ask them to stop making ridiculous claims.

In partnership with Family Addiction Support Service (FASS), The Harvest Clinic offers a wide range of Hypnotherapy services and solutions.

To make an appointment please contact FASS on 0141 420 2050 or info@fassglasgow.org. All sessions take place on a Wednesday's and are held within FASS at West Street Centre, 123 West Street, Glasgow, G5 8BA.