Clothing Project

FASS clothing project was started in 2008 and is managed by our volunteer Margaret Donatello.

The original idea of the project was to help Kinship Carers with clothing items for children who were put into their care at short notice. This service has grown over the years and we are now able to offer adult and childrens clothing to any of our group members or individual clients.

We are grateful for any good quality clothing from anyone who wishes to make a donation. Due to limited space we can only accept items of clothing, we are unable to accept footwear, bric a brac or household goods.

All donated clothes are sorted, put on rails and displayed in the clothing room project. Any items of clothing that have been on display for a while and are not suitable are bagged up and forwarded to Mary's Meals for them to sell to put towards their many valuable projects.

For more information or if you would like to access our clothing project or make a donation please call 0141 420 2050 or email